Current (2016) Tag Purposes (Data Governance Report)

Ad - A server, exchange, creative display, or other entity engaged in advertising on a page or domain basis. Also, may collect information on a user to advertise to them at a later date or another page.

Analytics - Collects use data for purposes of behavior tracking. Not usually directly related to Online behavioral advertising (OBA).

Privacy - Online privacy tool (such as Ghostery) designed to protect consumers, aligning with the DAA principles and other governing bodies.

Publisher - Host of the domain/web page(s).

Unknown - Not currently located in our database, most commonly seen with content pages, custom script calls, or iframe websites.

Tracker - Vendor places tracking technology on a website in order to identify how a user is interacting with the page.

Widget - A tool used to push content, social functions, or other functionality into a website from a remote location.

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